Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review: 3 Spoons

There are only a few places that can coax me into leaving my cave before the sun goes down, and 3 Spoons is one of those places. I like serving myself instead of talking to people, so this place is pretty neat. You just grab a cup (or a waffle bowl), fill it with yogurt, and add toppings. If you're like me, though, you put some "toppings" in the bottom of the cup. That way, you don't eat them all before you get started on the yogurt.

When you have your cup filled the way you want it, you take it to the register, they weigh it, and you pay them. This is the point at which they give you a spoon. A friend and I were thinking that they should give you the spoons before this point, so you can pack your yogurt down and get more into your cup, but we're probably the only fatties that think this way. We also understand that giving the spoons out at the end of the transaction makes sense because if they just set them out, there would be people eating their yogurt before paying for it.

3 Spoons is sometimes pretty crowded, but don't be alarmed. With the process being so simple, there isn't much waiting involved regardless of the crowd.
It has always been clean and bright when I have gone in. It is actually brighter than I would prefer, but I suppose yogurt places should be bright and cheery. It's so bright in there that I feel like a moth being drawn to the bright lights of Bug Heaven. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration. But seriously - it's bright.

Check 3 Spoons out at 1524 11th St (Suite B).

PS: If you get lucky, you may run into local artist Carl Durbin - 3 Spoons' #1 customer!
Carl's latest yogurt photo, snagged from the 3 Spoons Facebook page

Review: Fiesta Taqueria

We recently went to Fiesta Taqueria for a friend's birthday, thinking we were going to eat, drink margaritas, and be merry. Upon arrival, we realized there would be no margaritas; Fiesta Taqueria does not serve alcohol. They do, however, allow you to bring in your own alcoholic beverages. The waitress pointed to a convenience store across the street, so we ran over and grabbed beer and the she brought us a bucket of ice for the beverages. (Note: This store was very strict on showing IDs, so if you forget to bring yours, send someone else for the beer!) So - in spite of the small setback - we were able to eat, drink, and be merry!

Not only did we receive great service, but also, the food was great. Shana had chicken soup that was filled with tons of vegetables. Other friends had nachos and taco salads and said they were good. I had a "Special T" plate, which consisted of quesadillas, rice, beans, and the cutest mini-chimichanga ever.

Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere (mostly because we were in the back and no one was sitting anywhere near us), the staff was friendly, and the prices were reasonable. I will definitely be headed back to this place sometime. 

Fiesta Taqueria is located at 1102 US Highway 190.