Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Pizza Place

I gave the new pizza place - Pizza Place - a try last week. Actually, I gave it two tries. Don't judge me. We're here to judge Pizza Place. For those of you that haven't noticed we have a new pizza buffet, it's located where Mr. Gatti's used to be. I only went to Mr. Gatti's once, hated it, and never returned. I guess that says something for Pizza Place.

The first time I went, I tried the salad buffet, spinach alfredo pizza, potato soup, and veggie pizza. The salad was okay - typical buffet salad. There was no shredded cheddar cheese, but there was diced mozzarella(?). The potato soup was also okay, but I have had much better, of course. I think this one had green peppers in it, which made me not want to eat much of it even though they were hardly noticeable. The veggie pizza was like a typical supreme pizza, sans meat. It was also decent. The spinach alfredo pizza was the best thing I tasted here. The only thing that's weird about the pizza here is that the crust is sort of hard and cracker-like. I don't know how else to explain it.

The second time I went, I had spinach alfredo again, regular cheese pizza, and a dessert that was forced on me by who I assume was the manager. The spinach alfredo was still good, but it didn't have much spinach on it. The regular cheese pizza was typical of a pizza buffet and was decent. I will say that there was a lot of cheese on it, though. The dessert was some sort of pastry with chocolate drizzled on top of it. The manager told us all about how this is his secret weapon to get people coming back. It is made with buttermilk and lots of sugar and some other things that I can't remember. I did not like it, but that's probably because I am not a fan of this type of pastry. I don't like the hard crust. Give it to me soft. The dessert breads, perv! I like my  dessert breads soft!

Anyway, I went to the arcade both times because I am a sucker. The games are the same as the games that were in Mr. Gatti's. Some of the tickets the machines spit out even said "Mr. Gatti's" on them. Some of the games did not spit out tickets when they were supposed to, and Guitar Hero stole one of my tokens.


The price for two people to eat the buffet and have fountain drinks was about $18.00 if I remember correctly. This isn't too bad, but we could have ordered two medium two-topping pizzas at Domino's for $12.00 plus tax. I would only recommend going here if you need a place to take your kids for a while or if you are ridiculously hungry and want a variety of mediocre pizza types. I guess it's also an okay place to go with friends if you don't want them at your house.

The arcade, like all arcades, is a rip-off, and there are no decent prizes for ticket redemption. I have about 175 tickets saved up from my two trips and nothing to spend them on.

Overall, the place seems to be better than Mr. Gatti's was, but it is still a typical pizza buffet place. The manager was friendly (a little too friendly; he came to our table while we were eating and asked us if we had tried the dessert - and then brought us said dessert when we said no...), the staff was polite and helpful, and the atmosphere was okay. The arcade needed some work. With a little help, this place could be awesome. I will probably go back in a few months when they get settled in.

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  1. Pure and unadulterated horseshit from start to finish. I found shit in my pizza, piss in my drink, and the skeeball machine had rats coming out the holes and blocking my shots. Totally fucking nightmare.

  2. I liked the pizza a little better than Gattis. But I didn't like the employee breathing on me as I was playing the blackjack game.