Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Fuzzy's Taco Shop

When Fuzzy's first opened, I was a little skeptical. I didn't really see anything on the menu that stood out, and I had heard that it was "weird" and expensive. I didn't check it out for a couple months after it opened. That's probably a good thing (you know, calorie-wise), since now that I have tried it, I love it and can't stay away.

Fuzzy's is no more expensive than any other restaurant. In fact, you can get a combo plate and a drink for about $7. They have large plastic cups that you can take home and bring back for cheaper refills. If you go on Tuesday, all tacos are only $1. It's also worth mentioning that every Friday, you can go to Time Out bar from 4 - 6pm for free Fuzzy's tacos.

As for the "weird" comment, it is a little different. It's certainly no Taco Bell (ew). Fuzzy's has a variety of menu items and options. If you don't like tacos, they have burritos, salads, enchiladas, etc. My favorite items: veggie tacos, chips & queso, and black beans. The veggie tacos sometimes have too much salt for my liking, so you may want to ask them to go light on the "Fuzzy dust." To see their menu, click here:

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